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Fred Astaire Westerville offers fun, easy instruction to competitive social dancing with certified instructors. We educate students through private and group lessons well as offering weekly practice sessions that are open to all former Fred Astaire Dance studio students. At our most recent Fred Astaire regional competition, our studio won the top proficiency ranking award.

The first studio opened in New York City in 1947 under the guidance of the legendary dancer and actor Fred Astaire. Mr. Astaire known for his grace and elegance, that legacy continues on today with the 120 Fred Astaire studios world-wide.

"Some people seem to think that good dancers are born," said Fred Astaire. "All the good dancers I’ve known have been taught or trained."

Communities We Serve

Our studio serves students from many Central Ohio communities, including Westerville, Columbus, Dublin, Newark, New Albany, Pataskala, Pickerington, Johnstown, and Reynoldsburg.

Our Regular Business Hours

Mon - Fri: 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Sat: By appointment only

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I first walked into the Westerville Fred Astaire Dance Studio in 1991. I remember looking up at the sign and thinking, "this is the craziest thing I have ever done." Intrinsically, I knew it would be the beginning of a wonderful journey.

I was a graduate student at the Ohio State University, pursuing my Master's Degree in Journalism. My plan was to return to my career in this field; I had been the editor of the Southeast Messenger, the Dublin Villager and the Current -- an employee newsletter for Battelle Memorial Institute. The ad read "Like to sleep late, travel and want to learn how to dance? -- trainees needed, no experience necessary."

My only dance experience was night club freestyle, which I loved, a little disco in the 1970s and some college dance classes in ballet, jazz and modern. The day before I applied for the job, I remember asking my mother if this was a good idea. She gave me wonderful advice. "What do you have to lose?" she said, "Give it a try." To this day that is the best advice my mom ever gave me.

You could say that I am a testament to a teaching system invented by Mr Fred Astaire himself, and perfected by people with a passion to enhance other's lives through social dance. For more than 60 years, Fred Astaire studios have been in the forefront of the industry. In the 20 years I have been with the company, I feel blessed to be part of the Fred Astaire family.

Learning the art of ballroom dancing - leading, following, partnership and expression, was difficult for me, but my early trainers made it fun and easy. Instructors, owners, and coaches took me under their wing and were patient with me. It was a challenge, but one that I liked. What especially appealed to me was how the business tested me, every day, to not only improve my dance skills, but also my people skills. The business provided me with ongoing life training, constantly striving to be a better person.

After working as an instructor at several Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Columbus, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, I purchased an existing franchise on Dec. 18, 1999. Located on Heatherdown Drive in Westerville, the studio was hidden away in the commercial/industrial area. A cavernous hallway separated the reception area from the ballroom. The dance floor was linoleum and there a pole in the middle of the room. The space flooded three times in one year. Later the studio moved to State Street next to Rofini's Pizza, a hometown staple. Times change; Rofini's owner retired and the studio moved to its permanent location at 1091 Eastwind Drive in 2013. In the beginning, having never owned a business, it seemed that working as a dance instructor was a breeze compared to being the boss.Needless to say, there were some challenges. However, for every challenge, I have received great satisfaction from watching students and instructors grow and develop both professionally and personally. I am blessed to live my dream -- helping many people develop their professional and personal skills. I believe that I have a keen sense of what it takes to be a dance specialist. This business attracts many young people; and many have a romantic notion of the job. Many treat it like a garment; "let's try it on". Others think there is a better way or get caught up in being the star. Over the years each person who has come into the studio as a student or instructor has added something to it's rich history. I have always had great empathy for new students understanding their fears and sense of apprehension for the unknown. Working with new students gives me great joy and the instructors train daily on how to make the students feel at ease and create the "warmest, friendliest place in town."

They say that people come into your life for a season, a reason or a lifetime. There is one thing for sure. The teachers who started with me as students, or instructors now working for Fred Astaire Studios in Columbus and also in other regions, have a special place in my heart. And, what gets me up every morning, excited to come to the Westerville Fred Astaire Studio, are the current instructors. We are a tight team; I am proud of each of them. Because of them, and their students, I am excited about the future of this studio and opening new Fred Astaire Dance Studios franchises. I am passionate about sharing my dream - the dream I live everyday being part of Fred Astaire Dance Studios. It is with great and humble gratitude, I thank staff and students.

Amy Jordan
Proud Owner of Fred Astaire Dance Studio - Westerville